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Synthetic Diamond Powder

The resin bond mesh diamond comes in irregular shapes and a rough surface. It is the result of a synthesis of soft diamond powders with a fractured and slice-like structure. The specific features of the resin bond mesh include a permanent renewal of the cutting edges of the crystal due to small fragments breaking away. The resin bond diamond is recommended for resin bond systems, and this diamond tooling can be effectively used in dry or wet grinding of carbide-steel combinations, cemented tungsten carbides, PCD/PCBN tools and other hard materials. For more information about these industrial abrasives, please continue to browse, or contact us directly.

Product Description: Light green, irregular, strong self-sharpening ability, maintaining the balance between grinding performance and tool life.

Product Description: FVG-200CN is FVG-200 clad to different percent by weight with electroless nickel coating, greatly enhanced the pullout strength and heat sinking capability among the grains and improved the service life of grinding wheel. (Example: FVG-200CN60 represents FVG-200 clad to 60% by weight with electroless nickel coating.)

Product Description: Light green diamond micron powder, strong self-sharpening ability. Used for high precision and high efficiency grinding of ceramics and glass.

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