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Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN Coated Powder)

Funik specializes in producing ultra-hard materials for making bonded abrasives. The cubic boron nitride (CBN) can take the place of conventional abrasive materials that lead to heavy pollution and high power consumption levels. It is commonly used for processing metal materials, and the CBN mono crystal, micron powder, and coated powder we supply can be made into grinding wheels, sanding belts, and other grinding and coating tools.

We will introduce our CBN coated powder here. As one of the super abrasives, it is used in automobile, iron and steel, air compressor, machine tools, gears and bearing industries. The details are as follows.

Product Description: Electroless plating products can be plated with 56% nickel, by using the latest in chemical processing. The pullout strength and heat sinking capability among the grains are greatly enhanced, and the surface finish of the work piece is significantly improved.

Product Description: This electroplated product can be plated with 30%, 56%, or 60% nickel by using advanced electroplating technology according to customer requirements, thereby extending the service life of the grinding wheel.

Product Description: Products with a titanium-plated surface are mainly used in metal and vitrified bond systems. Titanium can give abrasive particles a higher strength and higher temperature resistance, thus improving the service life of the grinding wheel.

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