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Super Abrasive Material

    1. Cubic Boron Nitride

      CBN is not only an ideal abrasive for grinding wheels, but it can also be made into industrial cutting tools through micro and nano treatment, and then using high temperatures and high pressure sintering. The metal processing tools made of CBN, such as grinding wheels and sanding belts.

    1. Synthetic Diamond Powder

      The resin bond diamond is recommended for resin bond systems, and this diamond tooling can be effectively used in dry or wet grinding of carbide-steel combinations, cemented tungsten carbides, PCD/PCBN tools and other hard materials.

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Currently, Funik's super abrasive powders are a preferred abrasive material for making CBN grinding wheels, sanding belts, whetstones, and other grinding tools and cutting tools. CBN refers to cubic boron nitride. Together with GE (United States), De Beers (United Kingdom) and Showa Denko (Japan), we have taken a lead in the CBN business on the global market, supplying customers in mainland China, Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea, Russia, India and other countries and regions.

Based in China, we are a professional ultra-hard material manufacturer, and are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OSHAS 18001 management systems. The following pages will introduce our full range of super abrasive powders, including CBN mom-crystal, CBN micron powder, CBN coated powder, and synthetic resin bond diamond.

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