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Soldering CBN Insert

The PCBN cutting inserts are welded directly onto the blade base to form a growing, super strong structure, without the risk of layering or cracking. Our PCBN is thicker and thus has a stronger impact resistance than silver soldered CBN composite inserts on the market.
The welding process, flux, and welding method are all developed on our own, so the finishedPCBN cutting insert can resist temperatures even above 1,000ºC.
The inserts can be directly clamped onto the existing cutter in common ways.
Multi-standards and multiple types are available to meet more processing needs.

Comparison between PCBN cutting inserts and CBN composite cutting inserts

  • FBS series PCBN cutting inserts
  • Other CBN composite cutting tools

Turning automotive engine damper pulley
Material: Ht250, HB220-260
Insert: FBS7100 CNGA120412 S02020
ap=0.5mm, f=0.25mm/r, dry cutting

Common problems of the composite inserts
1. CBN layer delaminated from carbide substrate layer.
2. Unsoldering of CBN cutting edge.
3. Easy edge chipping, poor cutting impact resistance.
4. Narrow range of applications.

Performance comparisons
Cutting Adaptability Funik PCBN Cutting Inserts CBN Composite Cutting Inserts
Adapted to continuous finishing Yes Yes
Adapted to light load and stable cutting Yes Yes
Adapted to intermittent finishing Yes No
Adapted to roughing and interrupted roughing Yes No
More cutting edges and cost-effectiveness Yes No

We are an ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified cutting insert manufacturer, and are the proud owners of numerous independent intellectual property rights and 190 national patents. The FBS cutting insert is the latest achievement, with a better performance than composite CBN inserts. It is a preferred metal cutting tool used in rolls, pumps, wind power, compressors, bearings, gears, automotive drive systems, engine system, brakes and other mechanical processing areas.

The FBS series PCBN cutting insert comes with more cutting edges, and it can resist high temperatures above 1,000℃. With either straight bores or counter bores, the cutting insert can be easily installed on a standard arbor.

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