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CBN Insert

    1. Solid CBN Insert

      PcBN cutting tools fit for rough machining of high-hardness alloy cast iron, gray cast iron, ductile iron and other materials.
      Hardness HV (Mpa): 3000-3200
      Bending strength (Mpa): 1100-1300

    1. Soldering CBN Insert

      PCBN is thicker and thus has a stronger impact resistance than silver soldered CBN composite inserts on the market. PCBN cutting insert can resist temperatures even above 1,000℃.

    1. Long Edge Soldering CBN Insert

      Excellent impact and wear resistance
      1. Be suitable for roughing: high hardness alloy cast iron, gray cast iron
      2. Be suitable for roughing and machining high manganese steel

    1. Super Finishing CBN Insert

      Funik's cutting tools are an efficient, green cutting tool increasingly preferred by customers, saving at least 30% in cost. For the machining of steel, iron, alloy, and other high hardness materials, our CBN cutting tools have a number of distinct advantages.

As a professional cubic boron nitride (CBN) production base, we have also developed several types of CBN cutting tools that adapt to different materials for processing and different working conditions. We are experts in the production of both super abrasives and CBN cutting tools. A sample of our products is listed below.

Family of CBN Cutting Tools

FBN/FBS7000: This has an excellent impact and abrasion resistance, making it suitable for roughing and finishing of hard cast iron, gray cast iron, and hardened steel. It also allows for the addition of cutting liquid.

FBN/FBS7200: It has outstanding wear resistance, and exhibits a long service life when machining gray cast irons.

FBN9000: This also has an outstanding impact resistance, making it suitable for continuous or intermittent roughing and finishing of high speed steel rolls, laser coating products and hardened steel.

FBN/FBS9300: This is a tool specially designed for finishing hardened steel, and features an excellent performance.

FBK9510: An outstanding performance features advantages in super finishing of hardened steel.

Currently, in rolls, pumps, wind power, compressors, bearings, gears, automotive drive systems, engine systems, brakes and other mechanical processing areas, Funik's CBN cutting tools are well received and increasingly popular. For specific grinding materials or processing precision parts, please feel free to contact us, as we are an excellent choice as a cutting tool supplier.