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Vacuum Brazed Diamond Tools

    1. Vacuum Brazed Diamond Saw Blade

      Suitable for cutting marble, limestone, sandstone in stone processing , ceramic materials, FRP (fiber reinforced plastic), metal profile, PVC pipe, concrete with bar and metals in construction industry.

Funik Innovation Ultrahard Tools are widely used for cutting and grinding Casting Iron in Foundry Industry, Metal, concrete with rebar, marble, ceramic materials, fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), PVC pipe and refractory materials. They are outstanding on the following Industries.
Foundry Industry
Machining Industry
Ship Building & Repair Industry
Stone Processing Industry
Ceramic Industry
Energy Industry
Building &Construction Industry
Plastic Processing Industry
Tools and Abrasive Tools Manufacturing Industry
Composite Materials Machining Industry

Compared with the traditional tools, the advantages are as follows
High Efficiency: it can improve efficiency by 40% compared with traditional resin tools
Longer life: It is more than 30 times longer than resin tools
Low cost and environment-friendly: safe, high efficiency, energy-saving, no pollution

Comprehensive Performance
Comprehensive Performance

A: Processing capacity
B: Processing efficiency
C: Working life
D: Efficiency
E: Traditional resin tools
F: Funik ultrahard tools

The left drawing shows life comparison and the right one shows efficiency comparison.
The green one shows FUNIK innovative ultra-hard tools
The gray one shows the traditional resin tools

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