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Customer Cases
    1. Automotive Industry

      Work piece: engine block end surfaces
      Material: HT250
      Processing method: dry cutting, finishing
      Original cutting tool: coated carbide cutting insert
      Current cutting tool: Funik's FBN7025 SNEN090412

    1. Steel Industry

      Work piece: all kinds of rollers
      Material: high-speed steel, tungsten carbide, etc.
      Process: heavy roughing
      Original cutting tool: carbide cutting tools
      Current cutting tool: Funik's FBN9000 series

    1. Compressor Industry

      Current cutting tool: Funik's FBS7000 WNGA080412
      Efficiency comparison: increased from 58 seconds/piece to 37 seconds/piece, efficiency 1:3
      Life comparison: increase from 20 pieces/blade to 80 pieces/blade, 3 times life upgrade

    1. Machine Tool Industry

      Work piece: slewing bearing
      Original cutting tool: imported coated carbide cutting tool
      Current cutting tool: Funik's FBN9000 RCMX090700
      Efficiency comparison: from the original 2 hours/piece improved to 1 hour/piece, efficiency is 1 time higher

    1. Gear and Bearing Industry

      Work piece: addendum circle of gears
      Hardness: HB260-330
      Process: heavy-duty roughing
      Original cutting tool: imported coated carbide tool 4025 SNMG250720
      Current cutting tool: Funik's FBN9000 SNMN201020