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CBN Cutting Tools in Machine Tool Industry

Work piece: slewing bearing
Material: 42CrMo
Hardness: HRC 47-55
Process: dry cutting
Original cutting tool: imported coated carbide cutting tool
Current cutting tool: Funik's FBN9000 RCMX090700
Efficiency comparison: from the original 2 hours/piece improved to 1 hour/piece, efficiency is 1 time higher
Life comparison: from the original 1 piece/edge improved to 4 pieces/edge, life expectancy is four times longer

About the Customer
This customer is a slewing bearing manufacturer based in Ma'anshan China. Poor wear resistance on their current cutting tool was why their production efficiency was so low. Instead, their costs on human resources and procurements were too high. Imported cutting tools are expensive, while those that are home- made don't quite meet precision needs. Therefore, the customer made several efforts in trying cutting tools from different suppliers, none of which worked to their specifications.

Customer Feedback
We tried and compared several cutting tools from both home and abroad and finally settled on Funik's FBN9000 series of cutting inserts. It performs impressive high speed cutting, and has a 3-5 times longer lifespan and much higher efficiency. Compared to other CBN cutting tools from internationally known brands, it is more favorably priced.